Professional printing

Graphics and advertising design at a professional level

We have a long-term experience with print advertising from flyers to catalogs. We do from creative design to a final product with an emphasis on attraction a customer, clarity, readability, functional layout of information, appropriate selection of colors, distinct and legible typography and thorough processing of photos and illustrations. We offer a possibility of creation and editing of text and picture materials.

We create:

  • corporate identity - logo creation, logo design manual,

  • modern, creative and readable graphic design,

  • stylish typography, tuned colors.

We provide:

  • differentiation from a competition,

  • strengthening of company name in the market,

  • significant support in overall growth.

We produce and deliver:

  • leaflets, posters, brochures

  • billboards, big boards, PVC sheets,

  • layout of books and magazines,

  • creation of catalogues,

  • packaging design for products – labels, boxes,

  • animations and video spots.


Professional printing

Nowadays there are several types of print on the market. Selecting the appropriate print type depends on the desired print quality, the quantity and the time of delivery. In case you read all the information and still have any uncertainty on appropriate type of print, we will be pleased to advise you.


Offset printing

Offset printing is known for its high quality and significantly lower costs at higher quantity of print. The offset printing makes it into a fine details and raster areas therefore is ideal for printing of photos. It enables monochromatic and full-color print using the 4 color CMYK tool as well as PANTONE spot colors.


Digital print

Digital printing is suitable for smaller contracts - up to 1000 pcs of, is more flexible and economical. The big advantage of digital printing is also modifiable print – where each printed piece could be different. It prints directly from the connected computer, does not require any other pre-press process, therefore it is more economical for a smaller number of prints then, for example, offset printing.


Screen printing

Screen printing is carried out by extruding the ink through stencil screen on a printed material. Each color requires a separate preparation. Even the full color printing using 4 basic colors CMYK could be done utilizing screen printing. Screen printing can be used for printing of various materials and products - wood, paper, plastic, textile, metal, leather and glass.


Large print

Large print – these are mainly billboards, big boards, PVC sheets and oversized sheets. It is an ideal medium for outdoor advertisement either for short or long term promotion. Thanks to used materials the advertisement is resistant from wind, sun, rain and even mechanical damage. It retains color intensity.


Promotional items printing

Printing on promotional items by screen printing is suitable for agencies dealing with sale of promotional items such as pens, USB sticks, umbrellas, key rings, lighters, calendars, diaries, stickers, plastic or paper bags,  registration plate holders, tablecloths, sunshades, shirts, work clothes and many others.